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From: The Desk of Mr. Doforself.surgelogo

Dear Founders, Leaders and Friends:

April 14, 2016

Hello All:

I trust this letter finds you well.

I believe you know me as well as anyone; perhaps we are acquaintances, neighbors, family, friends, church members, school/frat brothers.

We have professionally worked together and/or may have even worked together in some capacity remotely by emails, telephone conversations and /or conference calls.

As such, this is a personal request, inviting you to join together with myself in partnering with Surge365….http://www.surge365.com/doforself

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your continuous support as you have already demonstrated having faith, honesty, respect & trust in my integrity, as well as knowing my work ethic in doing Gods work in assisting others over these many days, months and years.

I and many others in every human endeavor, have and will continue, to Paid It Forward, because we choose to believe it is our purpose and calling, in most cases.

Owning to that, when you step out on faith, you care less about what people say or do and just put them in Gods hands.

It’s as simple as ABC. If one handles their own business as I do; spending time working every day improving self, family and serving others who need help, you will have no time to judge, criticize or hate anyone.

Thus, when one is busy succeeding, loving, enjoying happiness… there is no time to waste worrying about anything else!

Blue Skies, Sun Shine and Green Lights.

We, that are Open Mic. members, DFSU,org members, the Dinar community and the greater communities of people across these United States of America, are in need of some form of financial literacy and help…. be it small, medium, and/or large as example with the IQD rate change (RC)

–  ultimately bank exchange.

I did carefully perform my normal due diligence to the best of my ability prior to joining the Surge365 company. In fact, in full disclosure, one of our members introduced Surge365 to me one year ago.

At that time I was not ready and felt all of you were not ready as well, for many reasons.

I now think its our time to surge forward, how about you?

I will personally continue to surge forward with surge365.com/doforself and their associated myvortex365.com/doforself as a vehicle in which I strongly believe will assist you and others.

Should you honor my request by joining this movement for income and success, Lets Go!.

If you decide to just remain on the sidelines, we still need you and will pray for our team for good health and success, and perhaps our collective success will then may be able to assist you in another way.

Please Note:

This is Phase I of DFSU.org permanent general membership which has value, a business and has education in relationship building and finance, etc.

See the Vision!

Let me remind you that Bryan, myself and the DFSU.org advisory team board have explained many times that we would be offering incredible opportunities in the future.

Therefore, this is nothing new, yes I would agree a positive new direction, but moreover, something of substance that could fill a void for now, and later move us to our Phase II level of DFSU.org membership after the RC.

Again, See the Vision.

In my view, people are in need of additional funds and I stand ready and willing to put in the work to help any person with an open mind and that chooses to work hard and join us with having the potential to earn $1,500.00 the first few weeks and beyond… for themselves, families and other people known and unknown!

Many of you need extra money to supplement your present income, no excuses now.

Many of you may wish to purchase a Statutory and /or Non- Statutory Trust,

here is a way to earn the funds to pay for your purchase no excuses now.

Many of you, need extra money for many reasons; no excuses now.

See the Vision Now, Surge Forward Today As I Have.

Lead By Example.


Finally,  DO FOR SELF 

Thank You!