WARKA and ISX Information

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Good / Great Day, Counselor DoForSelf!

God has placed these words in various forms on my heart this week.  GOD IS LOVE and after all, it’s February too!  You may share my words, if you so desire, but certainly the attachment.

“As the Master Orchestrator has purposed and his will prevails  ~ humanity transitions, transforms and transcends in this season of spiritual greatness!  For in this season ~ a Paradigm Shift of supernatural, stupendous and significant magnitude and dimension ~ Our Creator shall reveal, revoke, rebuke, replenish and restore all of Creation into Divine Order ~ Spiritually, Supernaturally, Geopolitically, Geologically and Economically!  

“We” are each uniquely designed and called to serve as a righteous Royal Priesthood because of his divinity within us! When we recognize our rightful standing in being vertically aligned with our Creator is mandatory, not just essential, to our stability and well being and that of all creation too, “we” recognize that which is Holy, is Sacred and a benefit is that we prosper in all things deriving from Holiness “just because”! The wise seek counsel from wise Godly men.  Fools fear them.  Do not be afraid, seek me, and I will equip thee to become…  Ignorance is not bliss, even though fools laugh often and loud!  Rise Up & Think UP as you go onward and UPward!

This is not a time for foul, folly or fool’s play – it is a time to make way for the only Way, The Truth and The Light!  Therefore, govern [y]ourselves accordingly and proceed with “divine” wisdom, confidence and dominion as mandated by the Holy Spirit!  “We” are the greatest transfer of wealth because we serve with the invaluable spiritual currency imparted and impressed upon and within our minds, hearts and souls!  We are stewards, beneficiaries and co-heirs of God’s Abundance from generation~to-generation!”

As a Kingdom Citizen, I am inspired, inclined and authorized by our Majestic and Magnificent Creator, the Lord of Lord and King of Kings, to share and sow my gifts of time, talent and treasure ~ especially with his chosen ones “for such a significant time as this”!  It is in this vein, I bestow the attached gift on this illustrious body of “the chosen” community! Whether anyone choose to accept or apply it, is totally up to them…  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!  What a glorious time to shine!  Let There Be Light!”

Attachment  (Warka Bank and ISX Information)

May You Be Richly Blessed ~ Prophetic Princess O:-)

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