My wonderful smart and versatile Grandson

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Dear Kailan:
My wonderful smart and versatile Grandson.

Nothing is better than waking up to good news, of to good news about grandchildren accomplishments, particularly you because of our time together ❤ over the last five years.

Moreover, Kailan Floyd Keith, you are the last born of my daughter’s children and her only Male Child.

That’s a special position that few men have.

As you have articulated to me many times that how bless you were to have a wonderful Dad, supportive Mother no matter what and three
❤ loving Special Individual Sister’s that are your best Cheerleaders a man could have and each of would do anything for you. An not last, but right up there with your parents, I think and believe your best friend; your Grandmother who would give her life for you.

Now, you like your Sister’s have done before you, has left your Mark at Ben Davis High, the City of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana. Congratulations ? ? ?.

As you close out your academically and athletically sound career that has afforded you College academic and athletic educational scholarships opportunities continue your zest and zeal in the coming next four years and beyond because you have demonstrated that you’re good for something many times.

We as a Family, your Coaches. Teachers, Niegbors, Teammates, Classmates and Friends will be watching, reading, hearing about your continued accomplishments as you enter manhood. REMEMBER:
Kailan, you take care of it and God, your good qualities and sound educational work will take care of you.
Love Always
Riccardo E Johnson Sr

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