25 Jun 2015 In Rumor Commentary Comments Off on Millionday
Millionday    [they talk about companies coming in for investment and getting loans and all but my question is can they do any of this without a rate change?]   THEY CAN DO THIS WHEN THE IRAQI LAW ALLOWS IT WITHIN THE INVESTMENT LAW — THE RATE WOULD BE A CHOICE ON BOTH SIDES.  [do the smart cards have to be international for them to work and Does the RV have to wait on the Smart cards?]  THE SMART CARDS ARE REPORTED TO BE GLOBAL AND THROUGH MASTERCARD — HOW THEY WILL DO THIS TOOK MANY MORE EXPERTS THAN WE HAVE SO I WILL KEEP EYE OPEN ON INK FOR US AND WONT GUESS…  [are they loaded?]  NOT THAT I AM AWARE OF — THEY REPORTED BUILDINGS THAT ARE SPREAD OUT AROUND IRAQ TO ALLOW PEOPLE TO PICK THEM UP BUT HAVE NOT SEEN ACTIVATED AND USABLE IN ANY REPORT EXCEPT MILITARY A LONG TIME AGO.


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