Your REAL offer ends soon…

17 Apr 2015 In Investments & Opportunity, Financial Literacy/Wealth Tips, Assets Comments Off on Your REAL offer ends soon…

Hi, it’s Mike.

I wanted to send you a quick email about a limited time offer on the brand new Lion&Bull 1 oz. silver round. Our customer service team has been overwhelmed with calls about it. In fact, a few calls have been from people who don’t believe this offer could possibly be real.

I assure you it is real.

Still don’t believe me? I even made a video about it featuring yours truly. Just click the link below, and you’ll see me talking about the Lion&Bull silver round and its history.


The clock is ticking on this offer, and it expires on Friday, April 24th. The deal gives you pricing of $1.97 over spot for the Lion&Bull for 100-480 oz.  For orders 500 oz. or more of the Lion&Bull, the price drops to $1.87 over spot. AND you get FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING.

Remember, this limited time offer is only accessible from the link in this email. You won’t find the link on our website. Click the link now, watch my video, and you’ll see it’s for real…

Have a great weekend,


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