The Latest Trends in the Gold & Silver Markets Revealed

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January 26, 2015

Who are the Huge Gold Buyers Entering the Market?

We’re not even a month into the new year and so far 2016 has already proven to be quite interesting.  With the equities markets in decline, there has been renewed interest in gold and silver investing.  Watch this week’s video to find out how the stock market pullback has affected our business.

Mike Maloney

The only bullet the Fed has left is currency creation.

After a tough few years, I believe gold & silver are poised to re-enter a bull market because the Fed will print the dollar into oblivion.   (3:28)


“Physical gold will preserve the purchasing power of your wealth & assets through what are going to be very difficult times.”

Economist John Williams tells Greg Hunter that all signs point the continuation of the 2008 recession and the collapse the dollar, despite what the Fed cheerleaders say.    (28:38)


Other countries have realized America has printed its way to prosperity and this is why they are beginning to demand precious metal over the dollar.

In this interview, Rob Kirby exposes the Exchange Stabilization Fund.  He warns it is losing control of US dollar hegemony because other countries now realize the US was getting a free ride.     (38:52)


“Your lifeboat, your golden life preserver is going to be gold.”

Money manager Michael Pento says a new global depression is happening now. He says dollar cost averaging is great strategy to accumulate both physical gold and gold stocks.     (25:37)


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