History of World Global Settlements by a person named Dr. Todd

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Excerpt:   World Global Settlements

In an interview dated September 8th, 2012, a person by the name of Dr. Todd was brought forward on an independent radio program to discuss his take on the current state of the global financial system.

Dr. Todd is said to be a source who has vast knowledge of the affairs concerning the enormous sums of stolen precious metals and how there is currently, and has been for some time, a world-wide effort being undertaken to reset the global economy and to take it out of the hands of those who would seek to do harm to humanity.

Whereas other entities have referred to the monies in question as the combined global collateral accounts, Dr. Todd states that the most widely accepted term for this is the World Global Settlements.

The interview, available HERE, provides some very in-depth information concerning these affairs, touching upon aspects not previously covered by other sources.

One very interesting statement made by Dr. Todd is that, in the aftermath of the final implementation of these settlements, most lawsuits which pertain to attempts to recover funds will be dismissed, as the World Global Settlements themselves will accomplish the necessary task of resetting the world financial economy.

These matters will include the revaluation of currencies world-wide.  The Iraqi dinar seems to play a particularly important role in this, as it is now coming to light that huge sums of gold have recently been discovered in Iraq, and will be used to back a new currency that will have great value on the global market (one of many reports regarding this can be found HERE)

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