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 firefly   Article:  “(Reuters) – 
Iraq has decided to issue $5 billion in international bonds and is negotiating the terms, Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said on Wednesday, one of several measures as it seeks to relieve the pressure of low oil prices on its finances.”  [
I would think that if the BONDS are being sold internationally their currency would have a rate and also be international at the same time.]  
Can’t have one without the other!  
No rate change on the CBI website…yet.  
As with ANY Central Bank, when there is a rate change it WILL show. Would have to in real time!  
[you think if we ask nicely they will tell us when give us a date and time?] 
Forget Dates, they have one opportunity to get this right. When the time is right it WILL happen. 
[…they will move before end of August or sometime before October, October is the END OF THE ROAD for Iraq according to WB?] 
 I am not expecting anything until Sept at the earliest…Still laws…NEED to be IMPLEMENTED.  
[you think they might be waiting for implementing that together with banking going forward to be international compliance? I do.  
Remember…the WB gave them a…HARD DATE fOR implementation.  
[sounds like a lot of movement trying to happen!] 
Oh…it WILL happpen alright. 
Does anybody…think that the ones in charge of the plan will tell anybody? 
… Especially Dinarland? LOL.

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