Abadi confiscated Maliki’s plane ( he isn’t going anywhere )

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Abadi confiscated Maliki’s plane
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Date: 2015/07/31

Palm-issued Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, an order to confiscate private plane with Vice President of the Republic, former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and forwarded to the “Iraqi Airways”.

Sent General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers a letter to the Ministry of Transport, an approach in which the transfer of private ownership Maliki presidential plane, to the company “Iraqi Airways”, and registered name of the company.

The book explained that the plane made a gift from Iran to Iraq at a time when Nuri al-Maliki as prime minister, registered the plane in his name, and the day had to be transferred to the company, “airlines” of the Iraqi Ministry of Transport, calling for the formation of a committee of experienced and competent to conduct detection on the plane, and install and unchanged reality, a statement of disposition, according to the controls.

In a related context, revealed a source in the company, “Iraqi Airways”, rejection of al-Maliki, the aircraft delivery, although his company by the claims, saying during his speech for the “new Arab”, that “airlines addressed through the Ministry of Transport Maliki’s office more than once without getting a satisfactory answer. “

Previously, sources in the Iraqi Council of Ministers, confirmed that al-Maliki’s refusal, delivered his private plane to the custody of the new government; being a gift from Iran, indicating that the gift was for the government in his capacity as prime minister and not someone al-Maliki, who is now focused Therifia.

She explained that the plane refused to hand over a buzz and disquiet among close to Abadi. It is noteworthy that the plane, which was used by al-Maliki, the Iraqi aircraft originally, landed in Iranian territory within dozens of aircraft ordered by former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, transferred to Tehran during the 1991 Gulf War for fear of being targeted American Aviation.

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