The signs of an impending dollar collapse are accelerating. Read on to find out what they are.

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March 10, 2015
Hello Ricardo,

In this GoldSilver Weekly, we hear from David Morgan, Jay Taylor, & Marc Faber, who all agree that the signs of a dollar collapse are accelerating. No one knows exactly when it will occur, which is why everyone needs to get prepared now. And I share two video clips of my own to help you with your investing.

Mike Maloney, Chairman
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The Fed’s Printing Press Leads to One Bubble After Another
While the general public may have been fooled into thinking the economy has recovered, our readers know better. In this video, Mike shares his analysis on the current state of the stock market. Click Here to Watch the Video
Mike Answers an Age Old Question

In investing, like life, timing is everything. And in order to time your investments right, you need to determine what part of the cycle we’re in. Watch this video to hear Mike’s take on Real Estate vs Gold and Silver.

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“Since every unbacked fiat currency in history has failed, then why would the dollar not fail?”

Silver expert, David Morgan, explains why everyone should own some physical gold and silver. He says the world’s economies are being crushed under a mountain of debt and eventually trust in paper currencies will be lost. Listen to this interview to find out when this could all play out.

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“All the currencies are sinking, just some are sinking faster than others.”

In this interview, Jay Taylor reminds us that the global monetary system is overdue for an overhaul and holders of gold and silver will come out ahead when, not if, a revamp occurs.

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“I think that eventually China will have a gold backed currency. My view is that the US dollar’s days as a global currency are doomed.”

Money Manager Marc Faber thinks that China has much more gold than official records indicate. And this could mean that it will one day back the renminbi with gold and supplant the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. It’s information all Americans need to hear and share.

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Quote of the Week
“I firmly believe that passive income entities, like real estate, are the ultimate investment.  Gold and silver are just the means I have chosen to get there.  I firmly believe that, because of the cycle we are in, I can accumulate far more real estate by buying gold and silver now, than if I buy real estate now.”

Mike Maloney, best selling author of Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver

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